The final paper must be an 8- to 10-page, double-spaced Microsoft Word document composed in 12 size Times New Romans font. It must be an autobiographical work that puts your lifes story in conversation with the components of ethics and ethical leadership described and discussed in class. Because of the limited space of the paper, pick one to three life events that helped to shape how you view yourself and your leadership in the world and put that reflection into conversation with course materials. In addition to providing considerable details to your life events, you must use at least five quotations from the lectures or other resources used in the class, with proper citation in the form of footnotes or end notes in order to avoid plagiarism. The paper will be graded on content and composition, so pay attention to stylistic and grammatical issues that may enhance or diminish the papers overall readability and quality. You may turn in a draft for review before submitting the final draft to be graded.

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