Assignment 5: The Energetics of Personal Relationships

What does Covey mean by the Emotional Bank Account? Give an example from your own experience that illustrates this concept. Your example can be a positive or a not so positive experience.

Consider which relationships in your life in which you sense that your emotional bank account is in the red with that person. Give examples paralleling 3 of the 6 deposits from your personal, professional, or school life in which you could get these relationships into the black, and consciously improve your interpersonal relationships.

Describe a situation in your life that could have benefited from a Win/Win approach described in Habit 4. Do you agree that this is the best alternative, or do you disagree with the win/win concept?

Project Objectives:

These are meant to act as reflective writing assignments for you to complete as you work through reading Steven Coveys The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The project has been split into 6 assignments. Each assignment has individual due dates, although these will be graded in their entirety as a single project. While there are individual due dates for each assignment, you can work ahead and submit early.

Project Review by Professor: When assignments are submitted, they will only be reviewed for completeness and must be final draftsthese will be graded as a 1 or a 0 (unsatisfactory/uncomplete or satisfactory/complete). Students receiving a 0 must re-submit the portion of the assignment before April 18th. The final grade will be assigned once all 6 assignments are turned in.

Project Format:

Keep in mind that the craft of your paper is also important, so strive to write well, reviewing your work for grammar, spelling, and other important composition considerations. ALL assignments MUST be completed in a word document.

Please format your paper using APA 7th edition.

A References page is required.

Here are some helpful resources that can help you with APA 7th edition:

I recommend using Scribbr:

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