Ashley Madison Case

Questions for the Ashley Madison Case Study Presentation

1. What do you believe is the rationale behind Ashley Madison rebranding its parent
company, but not its own (product) brand? Was this a smart or shortsighted move?

2. After the crisis, Ashley Madison launched its Moments comeback campaign. What
do you think of the tactics being used in this campaign? How does it differ from
their previous and current campaigns? Discuss how this campaign might have
impacted the companys reputation for better or worse. What learning process was used?

3. Two years after the rebrand and launch of the Moments campaign, Ashley Madison
reverted back to its traditional marketing strategy using more abrasive shock
tactics, but with a greater focus on women. Do you believe this is an effective
strategy? Why or why not?

4. Applying the semiotic relationship, define the object, sign and interpretant in any Aashley Madison communication.

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