arts in the bronx

Submit a presentation about a Bronx based arts or cultural exhibition, artist, poet, or musician. Give your honest reaction, good or bad, to the exhibition of the artist’s work. Include details about the art work or exhibition. Provide background information about the artists or the organization, citing any materials that help your descriptions. Allow for 1-2 paragraphs for each of these components. Cite sources when quoting or paraphrasing. Include photographs.
Provide images or video of the person you interviewed (images could be of their environment, or images providing a suggestion of the personality of the person) along with a synapses of your interview and research about a health condition or health care provider in the Bronx.

What is overall affect of the condition in the Bronx?

How are the health needs of Bronx residents with this condition are being addressed?

What changes still need to be made?

Check out the websites listed in “Arts in the Bronx,” one of the Announcements, or one of the artists here:

Here is a resource where you can find interviews of artists, musicians and writers to further research for your presentation.

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