articulate and defend your position with respect to the question at issue between Singer and Narveson.

Prompt: Please write a paper, of about 3-4 pages in (at least 3 FULL pages, but can be more; double-spaced, 12 pt. font size, Times New Roman), in which you respond to the following essay prompt:
Weve looked at two articles concerning our ethical obligations to alleviate the suffering of distant strangers, Singers Famine, Affluence, and Morality and Narvesons Feeding the Hungry. In his paper, Singer argues that we are, by and large, failing to live up to our obligations to aid those in need. Along the way, Singer raises and responds to a number of objections. By contrast, Narveson offers several arguments against the sort of position that Singer defends. Finally, in the material for Week #8.3, we looked at various methods of moral reasoning.
In your paper, articulate and defend your position with respect to the question at issue between Singer and Narveson. Put your main argument in deductively valid form somewhere on the first page of the paper. You should make reference, where appropriate to the main arguments that Singer and Narveson make, but your paper should NOT consist merely of a summary of the readings. Along the way, you should consider the strongest objections to your argument (i.e. given by Singer, Narveson, or otherwise) and attempt to rebut those objections.
(Throughout the paper, be sure to offer reasons for the claims that you make; do not merely assert your own view).

Further requirements and advice:
You have much freedom with respect to the topic of this assignment, but you should make sure that you defend some specific thesis, which appears somewhere in the introductory paragraph of your essay. You should draw on any relevant readings on our syllabus, but your paper should not be primarily a summary of those readings. Strive for analytical and argumentative depth, not breadth: better to explore one issue deeply, rather than several issues superficially. You should not use any outside philosophy sources. You may appeal to an outside source if you wish to cite some relevant empirical data, but this is not required and should be used only if necessary.

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