Article Critique

Objective: To be able to identify the strengths and WEAKNESSES of a research article

Select one primary source on your topic. Carefully read the article and write a scholarly critique on the research conducted. Specifically address both strengths and weaknesses in terms of research methodology. Critique only the selected major points (you do not need to be complete). Keep your critique within three pages.

The evaluations need to be specific.  Avoid using subjective words such as feel, believe, etc. in your paper. As an incomplete guideline, the following are listed to guide and to stimulate your thinking on this project. DO NOT evaluate more than three weaknesses):

            Purpose: Is the purpose clearly stated?

            Hypotheses: Clearly stated? Concepts operationally defined (you may find the operational definition in the method section)?

            Subjects: Detailed described? Represent the population (judged from sampling procedures)?

            Materials: Valid and reliable?

            Procedures: Clearly described and detailed enough? Possible confounding factors? Other weaknesses of the design?

            Result: Descriptive statistics reported? Inferential statistics reported? Detailed enough? Consistent with the purpose and the hypotheses?

            Discussion: Major findings and problems discussed? Possible bias (e.g., subjective statements?)? Any other possible explanations?

            Conclusion: Simple and clear? Overgeneralizations? Biases?

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