Art Paper Museum

The Metropolitan Museum in NYC has an especially good website with virtual tours available ( But you could also visit the Museum of Modern Art (, or even the Louvre in Paris (

You should choose between 3-5 works to discuss. Get creative, learn about other museums in the world and what they have to offer. It will really help your paper if you’re able to identify a theme, and assemble works that support this theme. Think of yourself as a curator of a small exhibition.

*Try to unify the works you choose with some kind of theme. This could relate to either subject matter, form, or both.
Discuss two works *in these terms*.
Where possible, please be sure to include a link to the museums website.

If you wish, I would also encourage you to explore the the following theme: How has Euro-centrism influenced the “Story of Art” that we have been telling for the past several hundred years in the West? What evidence do you find for the construction and perpetuation of white supremacism within the discipline of “Art History?”

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