Argumentative essay over the material we discussed in the past 2 weeks

Hi! You have done great for me in the past so I’d love to get your work again! Once again, this is an argumentative essay over our recent readings.

We read The US Declaration of Independence and The French Declaration of the Rights of Man, and of the Citizen, and then the following:
-Edmund Burke’s “Reflections on the Revolutions in France”.
Next, these responses to Burke:
– Thomas Payne’s “Rights of Man”
– Mary Woolstonecraft’s Vindications of the Rights of Man
– Lastly, we read Woolstonecraft’s Vindications of the Rights of Woman

Once again we are allowed to choose any of the readings we discussed, but not the declarations. I attached the first essay you wrote for me which did well and at the bottom is the critique my TA gave me. I’m also attaching the guidelines and rubric once again. We also are expected to use peer-reviewed sources to back up our argument again. I hope to talk to you soon!

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