Architectural Proposal

This project has two components one creative and one written.

(1) You are going to design a museum for a specific city you select using modern design principles, considering the movements and architects that are inspiring you and the influence the site has on the architecture. Based on the architectural perspectives and precedents presented in the class as well as the theoretical background and concepts we have covered, you will develop a proposal for a built structure that will be introduced to a distinct cultural landscape. Visual design this can be drawn, sketched, designed digitally, or an image of a maquette, or created through collage.

(2) Conceptual statementa 1500-word discussion referencing at least 5 architectural influences visible in your design and integrating concepts from at least 5 theoretical sources that are main readings. You can also cite further readings. The final proposal will be not be evaluated based on the quality of your artwork but on the thoroughness and effectiveness of the conceptual basis of your proposal and elements such as the extent to which it expresses and reflects the influences and theoretical considerations you have expressed and your consideration of the influence of the site.

*Note quality of the art work is not that important. Discussion is the most important thing.

More details are available on the attachment.

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