ArcGIS Map

In addition to your cartographic report, the final project for this course requires you to produce a map series. In Milestone Four, you will create a map, using
ArcGIS, that demonstrates how geostatistics can be used to predict data values in areas where measurements have not been taken.
Using the data and the skills gained in Milestones Two and Three, choose one location and create a visually appealing map within ArcGIS to convey relevant data
to the consumers. Include all of the major elements of maps: legend, scale, appropriate symbols and colors, labels, north arrow, and title. When completed,
export the map as a PDF file.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
Map elements: Include all of the major elements of maps: legend, scale, labels, north arrow, and title.
Visual appeal: Choose appropriate symbols and colors and clear, thoughtful sizing and placement of map elements.
Value categories: Value categories so that they accurately represent your data. Are your data values dispersed? Are there any extreme ranges? Does the
majority of your data fit into one category?
References: Cite all data in APA format

I included milestone 3,4 and rubics

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