Applying Findings or Lessons Learned in Other Contexts

part 1,
This discussion will focus on professional discourse about your personal experiences and observations about how to transfer knowledge and findings between different care contexts or care settings.
For example, how have you gone about transferring your understanding of a successful outcome from a population health research study into treating a single patient with a similar issue? Or, perhaps you have had to use a strategy learned in an acute care setting to working with a patient who needed in-home care.

Part 2: Describe an experience where you have had to apply a strategy, finding, or a lesson learned from one care context or setting to your work in another (or describe a time you have observed, or had a discussion about, this being done).
What challenges did this type of transfer present?
How did transferring the knowledge between contexts result in an improved or more efficient resolution to the care issue you were trying to address?
What ethical considerations, if any, were there for transferring the previous strategy, finding, or a lesson learned to a new context?

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