Application of calculus(calculus 1) to medicine

This is an honors option paper. So I chose to propose the idea. The basic Idea is that I am writing on the applications of calculus to medicine(only calculus 1 topics, ex differentiation, derivatives, integrals etc). If you can, try to use the particular topics of modeling blood flow, tumor progression, and drug metabolism and talk about what they are, how they use calculus, and you can even use historical examples if you need to add more fluff. Attached is a couple paragraphs I wrote along with some helpful website that can help brainstorming, but I just cant write much more(writers block) and I have to study for my other classes.

This is my description of the project

Calculus is often one of the more difficult courses that applicants to medical school are required to take. It requires more of a theoretical understanding of mathematics and layers of new concepts build on each other. In my experience, it has proven incredibly difficult to understand how Calculus applies to medicine which has inhibited my own ability to grasp fundamental Calculus principles. However, upon conducting some of my own research on my own time I have found that there are a variety of ways that Calculus is used within Medicine. In particular topics like modeling blood flow, tumor progression, and drug metabolism are just some of the modern uses of Calculus. Thus I will be writing a 6-8 page summary on the current applications of Calculus to medicine to improve premed perception of the field and to improve my own understanding of the major principles.

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