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The gap between generations often offers the most insight into the impact ones society has on the formation of self and reality. To this end, I would like it if you were to skip a generation and interview somebody who is sixty-five or older who hails from the United States.
Please be sure to find the following information:

A brief explanation of what constitutes the Sociological Imagination.

Introduce the person you interviewed and how you came to interview them.

Outline what their family life was like growing up as well as life in the neighborhood.

Demographic information such as age at first marriage, age at first child, and if she/he ever divorced.

Work history, religious affiliation, and their educational attainment

Contrast their lives with yours. How similar/dissimilar is your life to theirs? Please support this discussion with CLEAR examples.

Develop a point of view by highlighting possible mechanisms that may act as a catalyst for this change.

Be sure to revisit the concept of Sociological Imagination. How does this perspective give your life (and theirs, I presume) context? Again, detail is important.

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