Any topic (writer’s choice)

Abstract of 150 words or more

Title page with Running head. Title of Work:  Community Needs Assessment:
Overview of the Problem and Population Opening Part #1: Overview of Problem and Population
Part 1: Provide a short literature review introducing the reader to the problem and population you have selected  using  the  available  scholarly  literature.  You  should  use  only  scholarly  resources  for  this section.
(Recommended Length: About 3 pages double-spaced)
To gather this information, you will need to research the literature about the population and related social problem you chose using library electronic resources and/or other scholarly resources. Be sure to base your  choice on a problem that exists in the community you are focusing on.  This section should include general facts and broad statements about your population and social problem nationwide.
According to the literature:
Opening to the work, which defines and discusses macro social work.
Defines community needs assessment and its relationship and purpose to macro social work.
The literature review will:
Define the social problem
Describe the population
What short- and long-term consequences does the social problem have for the population you chose?
You will need at least 5 different scholarly resources cited. The same sources can be used in other parts of the report.

This essay should be double-spaced throughout; 12 point Times New Roman font; .5 indention.

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