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Read attached power point from chapter 4

Team Leadership Challenge 4

You are student team leader in a senior-level engineering lab course.  The team has seven members and is halfway through a semester-long project that is not going very well.  Although some students are highly motivate, a few slackers are creating a discouraging atmosphere for the rest of the team.  At the last team meeting, a project discussion turned into a heated and personal argument.  Since then, relations among several students have been strained. 

One aspect of the argument among the students was about who is responsible for various tasks.  Multiple team members are addressing some tasks, while other tasks are being neglected entirely.  As team leader, you are uncertain who is responsible for these missing assignments.  You need to intervene to get the team back on track.

What problem should the team leader focus on first?

How should the leader try to improve the performance of the team?

Is the primary cause of the team’s problems social or task issues?

Explain why.

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