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The is a writing-based opportunity to use what you have learned in the course by discussing readings and reflecting on the ideas you found most compelling.

This is the link for the book we used in the class you can used to write this essay. Also u did other module for me so u have other sources that I provided u, u can use tho source to help u write this essay.

Instructions: You are allowed to use your class notes, handouts, supplements and the two readings you were asked to prepare in advance to answer the following questions. Carefully read the essay questions and complete both.  Be specific and answer all parts of the questions and use the information from the readings, as well as relevant sociological language e.g. social class, inequality, socialization, etc. in your responses.

Do not plagiarize, use your own words,

Each response should be a minimum of 1 page

Using Robert Crosnoes Students Squeezed by the Hourglass Economy, discuss the ways in which childhood and family inequality affects the higher education experiences of young adults.  What does the Hourglass or Double-Diamond economy mean for people trying to achieve upward mobility?  What advice would you give to students from lower socioeconomic status backgrounds to help them be successful in completing a college degree? (25 points)

QUESTION 2- Everyone answer this one

Choose 1 or two ideas, theories, concepts, etc. that you find most interesting and/or that explained the social world or aspects of your life.  Explain the ideas and why you find them particularly interesting or helpful. 

Then reflect on and discuss the ways in which you could apply what you learned in the class to your everyday life, future plans and career choices.

( my major is criminal justice and I am planning to becoming a lawyer or a detective. )

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