Any topic (writer’s choice)

Five sources minimum.

The Enlightenment( Internet Modern History sourcebook)

Course materials must be engaged.  Do not use Wikipedia,, or other similar kinds of sources.  Papers that incorporate material without citations will not receive a passing grade.     

Use your scholars voice to express your own thinking and creativity as you analyze and absorb the historical record related to the European experience as we have explored it together in this course.

Here is the question:
We began the course with Enlightenment thought in the context of the French Revolution.  Where do you see Enlightenment ideals (fulfilled or challenged) in events we have studied through to the early Twentieth Century? Discuss (avoid listing). You will be graded on how well you understand the nuances of the Enlightenment and its expression as evidenced in the European historical record.

Extra Credit (5 points, 200 words):
What was the attraction to Africa for Europeans in the latter 19th century who went, why, for what?  Be specific as to where.

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