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One of the main assessments in B110 is the personal reflection assignment. This writing assignment will allow you to demonstrate your ability to apply the goals of psychology (describe, explain, predict, and change) to a behavior of your own. Instead of waiting until later in the semester to start thinking about this paper, I want you to begin now.

You will be working on this reflection paper at various points throughout the semester, but for now, before we even get into the course material, take a moment and think about behaviors you engage in that you would like to change. Submit a response to this assignment listing just one behavior. The behavior could be something that you want to increase (e.g., I want to clean my house more often) or decrease (e.g., I want to stop binge watching so much Netflix).

**Important Note: Throughout the semester we will be engaging in activities that ask you to apply concepts in our course to your own life. Please remember that you should never feel that you have to discuss anything about your personal life that you do not feel comfortable sharing with your instructor, your learning assistant and/or other students. If you ever have questions about an activity, don’t hesitate to ask. For the Personal Reflection assignment, many students write about very simple changes they want to make to their lives like being more organized, not putting off assignments until later, or engaging in healthful behaviors. Choose a topic you feel comfortable writing about for a class. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your instructor.

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