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for part 1:
You will go over ‘training schedule template’ and ‘2011 compendoium’ docs and complete the ‘profile 2′ doc by eading everything and answering all the questions. for the first question where it asks to briefly state your goal and your est. VO2 max, you can just do that based on a 21 year old female who is 5’7’ and weights 143 lbs.
for part 2:
i provided a screenshot named ‘site instructions’ you can go over that, look up 3 diff types of gyms, commercial, community, and strength & conditioning facilities and try to get a staff memeber’s info to fill out the buisness cards and no need to actually reach out for the person or you can if u want. After filling out the buissness cards and filling out ‘data sheet 1 and 2’ (based on these gyms), write a 2 page summary, more instructions on that is found in the site instructions picture attached. All docs are in order, please go over all docs and reach out for any clarifications.

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