Any topic (writer’s choice)

Rather than write a paper for this class, you need to submit 2 written components: Annotations and a reflection.

The Annotations – please provide an annotation of each source you used, adhering to the following model:

Provide an annotation (suggested length of 1 paragraph to page per annotation) for each of the sources that includes the following:
An identification of the type of source, including the research approach used for any sources that are original research study articles
Note: the type of source could be, but is not limited to, an original research article, perspective article, or a professional or academic website.

A brief explanation of the purpose of the source
A brief description of the results or findings of the source. If the source is an original research study, include supporting details.
A critique that identifies one strength and one weakness of the source
The Reflection – what part of the project did you enjoy most? What do you wish you had done differently? (1 page)

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