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father and Son
For most people, there are pressures, both external and internal, real and
perceived guiding our actions and behaviors. In the August Wilson play, Fences,
Troy Maxson, the main character has a troubled relationship with his son Cory.
The tension between them is so profound, Cory questions whether or not his
father likes him. There are several factors, both personal and societal that
contribute to the rift between them, particularly as it relates to Troys sense of
self, as well as his worldview.
Things to Consider
Relationships between fathers and sons (2nd)
Thesis Statement
Summary of Troys and Corys relationship (Primary)
Identification of key factors
Troys relationship with his father and its influence on Troy (Primary)
Intergenerational trauma of racism and its affect
Historical role of Black men in society (2
The influence of Troys own failings on the relationship with his son
Resolution of the conflict (Primary)

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