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This is for my dental hygiene program – pharmacology class.

The paper for this course will be to choose five different medications experienced in clinic and discuss any treatment modifications made for these patients, possible oral effects of the medication, and any other pertinent information on clinical care.  The paper should be 3-4 pages in length, double-spaced, Times New Roman, and 12-point font.  The grading rubric is provided in the syllabus.

Cover Page: (Name, Class Title, Date, Paper Title)

References: (does not count toward required pages)

    least 2 Reference sources referenced.
    Books, magazines or journals, with an author, can be referenced.
    Use the Learning Resource Center for your research and printing needs.

Your access to publications such as books, magazines and journals. (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.)

    Use National Library of Medicine (NLM) format. For details: (Links to an external site.) (Link will open in new tab.) 
    References are numbered in the order they appear in your report, not alphabetically.
    Example within the body of the paper: Dental caries has decreased significantly in the past 30 years.1 Notice that there are no spaces between punctuation and the numbered reference
    Example for references page:

    Skaar DS, OConnor H, Luepker, MD. Dental procedures and risk of experiencing a second vascular event in a Medicare population. JADA. 2012;143(11):1190-1198.

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