Any topic (writer’s choice)

please make sure the essay only focuses on and goes in depth regarding the topic sustainable materials, not diversity in fashion in general like lgbtq. And also please give specific examples of sustainable materials and when they were incorporated into brand collections. (if you think you cannot write a good paper on this and wish to write a paper on another Diversity in fashion topic, please let me know. but either way, the paper should focus on one topic)
the paper should address the following questions:

1. Fashion materials are getting more and more diverse with the invention of new sustainable materials to revolutionize fashion and achieve sustainability within the industry. But are they actually working? or

2. Fashion materials are getting more and more diverse, yet the materials in the fashion items we purchase are not diverse.

***Should focus on (the significance of the usage of) DIVERSITY OF MATERIALS in fashion
Looking at the prompt we were given, I identified sustainability as a significant fashion phenomena in
modern society and explained its close relation to climate change, which I identify as a societal issue
because it is intertwined with inequalities in the society. Going on from that my project will discuss how it
led to the diversity of materials, especially the invention of innovative ones and how their beauty is
admired for the sustainable value they carry. But at the same time, they are not being widely used at the
moment, and dont appeal to the majority of the brands and consumers in the fashion industry.

To go into details, in the blog post, I will be introducing several materials I find to be the most innovativadditions to the existing fashion materials, as well as the fashion industrys attempts to incorporate the innovative materials to their brands, and the consumers response to the innovative materials (gathered from a wide range of sources).

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