Any topic (writer’s choice)

For the paper (4-5 pages, double spaced), you are asked to dive deeper into the issue that you h have first chosen in the perssausive letter  and critically analyze the issue using at least 2 articles I have chosen. The point of the paper is to analyze the event with a more conceptual focus how does the event relate to our discussion of race, gender, sexuality, or class formations in the US? How would an intersectionality approach change and enrich the usual perceptions about the event? You will be graded on your understanding of the concept of intersectionality, and your ability to apply course readings to writing.

I. Introduction (12 -1 page)
A. Identify the topic/issue/theory you are examining and/or analyzing
B. Present how such topic is discussed in the texts you are employing
C. (optional) Offer a question that may serve as guidance, as you examine the texts
a question should point to your aim/goal for writing this paper (i.e., what do you
aim to achieve in writing this paper)
D. Present your thesis statement your argument pertaining to the issue
II. Your argument(s) (2-3 pages)
A. This is where you would elaborate on your thesis statementby providing the
reader with evidence that would strengthen your main argument
1. Here, you can draw on quotations from the readings (be sure to add in-text
a) When you make a direct citation, it may be helpful to articulate the
quote using your own words following the citation. Depending on the complexity of the quote, you should be able to deconstruct it, and expand on the arguments and/or implications that the quote exemplifies.
b) What implications are present in the quote? Do you agree or disagree with the presented argument, and why? How does this quote undermine or strengthen your main argument?
2. You may also draw on experiential narratives (your own or any other real life experiences) and other theories you are familiar with.
B. Will likely involve a number of sub-arguments to help you elaborate on your larger argument
C. Your argument(s) should comprised the bulk of the paper
III. Conclusion (12 – 1 page)
A. Remind the reader what your thesis statement is
B. Reflect on how you have achieved the goal of this essay and strengthened your
C. You may add any new and additional evidence/arguments that was not discussed
in I-III.
D. Point out the importance of your argument
IV. Citation/Reference
please  make citation page and use the 2 articles incorporated in the  paper

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