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This is your first post about art and critique! Choose something that you think is critical, for better or worse. Please post by Wednesday, and respond on Thursday or Friday. Instructions Initial post: Open the discussion board, and create a thread for yourself in your group. Post a link (or an image, and so on) to some artwork that you like, and that is critical in some way. Tell us: about the art: what it is, who did it, when they did it about your reaction to the art: in what way does this art relate to critique? ////////////////////////////////////////////// * Post a short reflection (150-300 words) on how one or more of the artworks from last week can be understood using one of the theories from this unit, or your own reflections on art and critique. * As always, you can start by thinking about whether the art confirms the theory, or refutes it? Do you agree with a theory, or not, and why? And what do you think? Are these useful ways of talking about art? What does thinking about art and critique tell us about what we want from art?

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