Any topic (writer’s choice)

We learned from three experts who provided us with three different perspectives on brands and decisions companies are making to centralize ‘brand’ in their corporate strategies.

Michelle spoke to us about social impact and how this has evolved from being a mere corporate social responsibility (CSR) tactic into being a viable business model for brands who seek to engage global communities more authentically.
Danielle spoke to us about how brands can become personified and use communications to connect with their audiences within the B2C framework. She also encouraged us as individuals to tap into our own unique personalities and use them to create our own personal brands.
Ana spoke to us about rebrand strategies and how the path to creating omnichannel experiences leads companies to become more consumer-centric and allows marketers to lead business conversations that historically fell outside of the marketing remit.
Choose the topic that you believed was most impactful in shaping your increased understanding of the marketing landscape and share a few words on what decisions you think modern marketing leaders have to make in light of the talk you selected. A couple of paragraphs should suffice.

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