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For this assignment, let’s consider an illegal, but long-standing, discriminatory practice: redlining.
Redlining refers to any practice by a government or private entity that denies goods or services to a population on a discriminatory basis. While it can include health care and basic community services, it is often associated with discrimination in banking and housing. The term gets its name from a practice by banks in the 1960s in which lenders would post a map with a red line drawn around neighborhoods they refused to invest in on the basis of who lived there, with race being the primary influence. 
The Fair Housing Act of 1968 made redlining illegal, but the practice has continued to be the subject of court cases, including the 2016 cases, Bank of America v. City of Miami and Wells Fargo & Co. v. City of Miami. Read more about redlining and these cases here:
A forgotten history of how the US government segregated America
Redlinings Legacy: The maps are gone but the problem hasnt disappeared
Bank of America v. City of Miami
Fair Housing Act
For this assignment, read the following essay by Shaan Patel:
Past/Present of Segregated Miami
Answer the following in a one-page essay:
Explain how Patel accounts for past and current segregation in Miami-Dade County. Have you noticed the existing segregation in this area? If so, how has this affected you? If not, what is your reaction to Patels characterization of segregation in this area? Finally, what do you think is the future of demographics in Miami-Dade County? Discuss your views fully in a one-page essay.

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