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In your initial discussion:

The differences between federal and state courts can be simplified with an examination of the different jurisdictional limits applied to each. Geographic jurisdiction (a states boundaries) is just one of the measures used to determine the appropriate forum in a lawsuit. The subject matter of a case, whether a case is criminal or civil, constitutional jurisdiction limits and state guidelines for determining courts of limited jurisdiction (municipal courts, small claims courts, domestic courts, drug courts, juvenile courts, etc.) all serve as mechanisms for determining where a lawsuit should be brought, heard, and decided.

Outline the judicial system in the state in which you reside. This will not only include the varied courts at the state level but should also include mention of all of the courts of special jurisdiction below the senior-most court in your state. That will require you to identify the judicial structure of the counties, cities, and municipalities within your state, in addition to any of the special courts which might exist to handle cases within a jurisdictional subset.
Once that outline is complete, critically assess the function of each of these courts and make your recommendation for keeping the structure the way it is today or amending it to save money, restructure to add courts of special needs or eliminate some levels in favor of mandatory arbitration and negotiation.

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