Any topic (writer’s choice)

Task Objective
Synthesize and apply major concepts to a contemporary school management policy.
The essay is two parts: Part I Topic Syntheses and Part II Policy Analysis.
Part I Topic Syntheses: Write two, 600-word syntheses (600 +600 = total 1200 words) of the main ideas of the essential questions in any two course Topics.
a) The syntheses should be focused, organized, and integrate the major concepts of the Topics.
b) The syntheses may tie together multiple essential questions through a coherent main idea.
c) Incorporate the anchor and extension readings.
d) Cite the course readings. A list of APA references is not required, nor are references from outside the course readings.
e) Use Topic number and name as titles of the topic syntheses.

Part II Policy Analysis: Write an 1800-word analysis of a school management policy from Hong Kong or from another education system
a) Select: Select an education policy from education system.
b) Introduce: Introduce the policy and your main argument.
c) Summarize: Summarize the policy (e.g., core aims, history of development, scope).
d) Analyze: Analyze the intentions and/or outcomes of the policy using course concepts and
readings. Avoid agree-disagree style commentary. Instead, focus on how the policy represents course concepts, the potential efficacy of the policy, and the (potential) (un)intended consequences on teachers and teaching and/or students and learning.
e) Conclude: Summarize the key points of the policy analysis and offer specific implications for education policies, practice, and/or research.
f) Cite: Use course readings and academic journal articles to support the development of the evaluation and main argument of the review
g) Use the below essay structure for the section headings.

Part II Policy Analysis Structure

Level 1 Headings                                                Suggested Approximate Word Count

Introduction and Main Argument                                            200
Policy Background                                                                  500
Analysis                                                                                800
Conclusions and Implications                                                300
At least 8 sources: policy description, 3 course readings, 4 academic journal articles

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