Any topic (writer’s choice)

Find a topic that you think is important.  It can be a current event that has a Cosnsitutional issue- it can be a Supreme Court case on an issue in criminal justice – it can be an important landmark case in criminal justice.
So, for instance, you could choose to talk about the right to remain silent.  This would be a 5th Amendment issue. Here you could talk about issue having to do with interrogations.  You might explain more about this beyond what we did in our Discussion Board.  Or you could write about 2 or 3 cases from th Innocence Project that have to do with false confessions and what happened in those cases and how they were resolved through the Innocence Project.  Another suggestion would be to find a recent Supreme Court case (one within the last 10 years) on this 5th Am issue.
You will summarize the facts of the case – the facts that tell the story of the Constituional violation.
Then you you state what the question was the Court addressed, and then state the answer the Court gave and the n explain Court’s reasoning.
Finally you will explain why this case is important to a person’s rights and why it is important to the criminal justice process.
If you choose to do this, you will introduce the topic and state what right it involves.  You will provide some backgound information and explain what is involved.  Some examples would be good if you are talking about an issue.  If you are going to focus on one current even, such as the George Floyd case, you will want to summarize the story, explain what is at issue, or what is the central question is.  And then explain why it is important to the criminal justice process and how the outcome is likely to affect the criminal justice system and/or individual rights.
You should have 3 references.

IT should be 650 words the essay

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