Any topic (writer’s choice)

For this assignment, you will write a research paper (~1,000 words) about your chosen career.
The career of choice is Information Technology.
Your essay should answer the following questions (in several well-developed paragraphs):

Introduction: What is your chosen field (i.e., criminal justice, early childhood)? What type of position do you hope to obtain in this field (i.e., state trooper, preschool teacher)? Provide a thesis statement indicating your reasons for choosing this field.

    Body paragraph: What are some examples of specific jobs someone in this field might be able to obtain? What kinds of duties would a person in this field likely perform on the job each day?

    Body paragraph: What education, training, and/or certifications does an individual need to find employment or receive promotions in this field?  Are there any specific personality traits that a person needs to be successful in this field?

    Body paragraph: What is the job outlook in this field?  What is the average starting salary/hourly wage for an entry level position? Does pay vary depending on the environment in which an individual in this field works? What is the potential for advancement?

    Conclusion: What are the advantages of this field? The disadvantages? Why did you choose this profession?

Requirements to note:
    You must cite at least four sources.

    All your information should be obtained from credible sources. You cannot use Wikipedia, blogs, a dictionary, or any website with a .com domain name as a source.

    You may count an interview with a respected professional currently working in the field as one source.

    You must format your paper and correctly document all your sources in standard MLA style (with both parenthetical citations within your paragraphs and a Works Cited page at the end of your paper).

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