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The Fifth Formal Essay is to be written in the argumentative/persuasive writing pattern.  Be sure to read Chapter 14 in your B.R., especially pages 491-504.  This one to two pages persuasive essay should present at least three pieces of evidence to support your thesis (position) statement (underlined in your text) on an issue that should be changed.  Take a position on some aspect of college life, the pandemic, or see possible other topics on p. 566 in the B.R.  If you use information (outside sources) for your evidence statements, the information source must be cited in the text of your paper as well as on the Works Cited page in MLA Format.  See textbooks for MLA style format samples.  Your essay must also go through a Turnitin scan on Canvas when you submit your paper for grading.  Review the grading rubric.  The paper should be written from a third or first person viewpoint.  Stay consistent and do not use second person (you) in formal writing.  This assignment  is the last formal essay so take your time to make sure you follow the writing pattern and submit your essay on time.  Be sure to have an intriguing title and underline the thesis statement.  Try to submit this assignment early.  The deadline is 4/22.  JM

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