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In the class textbook (Chapter 3), several 19th-century artists are introduced with a brief biography and some information about their art, subject matter and artistic style as well as artistic influences upon their work.

Answer each of the following questions in a brief paragraph. DO NOT copy information from online about each artist, USE ONLY the class textbook for information.

1. Robert Scott Duncanson is best known as a landscape painter. Why were these paintings popular in the 19th century? How is the belief in Manifest Destiny expressed through this popularity? What messages about the Abolitionist struggle are conveyed through Duncanson’s paintings covered in Chapter 3?

2. How would we describe the style of Edmonia Lewis’s sculpture? Using the example of Forever Free, describe what makes the sculpture typical of the dominant art style of the age.

3. Chapter 3 includes short stories of some encounters with racism and discrimination that were formative events in African-American artists’ lives. Briefly note the story presented about the following artists.

Edward Mitchell Bannister (read the beginning of Chapter 3):

Henry Ossawa Tanner:

4. How might these events in question 3 have influenced the artists careers and art?

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