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Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to research ethical positions on transplant tourism, both for and against and determine the soundness of the logic associated with the position.
Background: In a reading assigned this week, Kesebir & Kesebir, (2012) suggest that at the societal level, young adults repeatedly reported refraining from judging anyone on moral matters, such as cheating and stealing, as they argued people are entitled to their moral opinions. Hospitality leaders have an ethical responsibility to ensure that the character of individuals are worthy of public trust.

1. Evaluate the determinative factors of ethical character using the 50 words list found in Table 2 of the above-mentioned article.
2. In the table below, select and group words into determinative factors, with groups of three words per factor. The determinative factor can be a word from the list as well or another word of your choice. See the example of Positivity in the table below.
3. Using the space provided below the table, in 2-3 well-developed double-spaced paragraphs, appraise each factor and determine which factor is most foundational or critical to ethical character in hospitality and tourism based on the findings of the research.

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