Any topic (writer’s choice)

The final examination will consist in a research work on a Canadian public finance issue. Students will choose the topic of their choice.
The expected length is 2,000 words, with:
– Introduction: opening sentence; presentation of your topic (and how relevant it is for
Canadian public finance), personal thesis, outline of the essay
– Detailed presentation of your object, based on think tank, media and academic
– Personal analysis, that shows class content appropriation and personal research
– Conclusion: wraps up the demonstration and opens avenues for research or reflections
– Full reference list at least 5 references to class content; 5 extra academic references
(up to 2 think tank publications are allowed in the 5 extra references); extra references
to media outlets.
Examples of topics: the case against a flat tax; whats wrong with social housing in Canada; how should we reform pharmacare; the case against a wealth tax; how should think tanks be funded ?, etc.

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