Any topic (writer’s choice)

This essay assignment requires you to make a choice: do you want to compare two subjects (show how they are similar) or contrast them (show how they are different)?

It is important to remember that for a basic comparison or contrast assignment, although you will consider both the similarities and differences among subjects as you gather your ideas, your essay itself will discuss either the subjects similarities or their differences, not both. You can write about any two subjects you want; just make sure you make an overall point about them. Your essay should ultimately evaluate how the subjects are alike or different, offering some kind of surprising insight about them or helping readers make a choice between the two. Whatever the case, just make sure that your essay makes an intriguing point; dont just compare two things that are obviously similar or contrast two items that are obviously completely different.

Some possible subjects to consider are:

Two kinds of art or artists
Two products or services
Two movies youve seen
Two traveling experiences youve had
A book and its cinematic adaptation
An original song and a cover version of it
Two restaurants
Two fictional characters or real-life celebrities
Two sports teams or athletes


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