Any topic (writer’s choice)

Please answer the following (six) questions in short answers; Try to fit all answers in two pages or less.

1-What is the black utility heuristic? What it means and what is it exactly?

2-How we dealt with the question of ideology?

3-What it means to talk about public versus private spheres?

4-What does it mean when we talk about counter public spheres (Understanding counter public spheres)

5-What are some critiques of the various counter public spheres as public political spaces?

6-What are the characteristics of the different ideologically traditions, including goals strategies, who they identify as potential friends versus enemies and what distinguishes them from other mainstream tradition such as classical liberalism and feminism?

PS: This is an closed book exam therefore, I included readings to help you answer the questions but you SHOULDN’T quote anything literally but rather show understanding in overall material and ideas. 

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