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Answer 2 out of 3 Questions. Each separate. Its not an essay format. All needed materials are in uploads.

Q.1 Slides 14-19 presented examples of how HIV/AIDS was represented in the popular press. How do these images convey meaning? Do these representations come across as judgemental? Are they neutral? Do they suggest some people with HIV/AIDS are innocent and others guilty?

Slides 34-44 feature ACT UP’s protests of the US government’s inadequate response to HIV/AIDS. How do they convey the outrage expressed by Larry Kramer in his essay, “1,112 and Counting”?

Review slides 51-58 and then consider who is the intended audience for these images? Do these photographs serve conservative agendas or liberal? Is this binary too simplistic? How might these images be deployed inpublic health campaigns about HIV/AIDS?

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