Any topic (writer’s choice)

researching one particular well-known company.  The company can be from anywhere in the world.

Your report should be typed, double-spaced, using Arial or Calibri Font with size 12.  Write in complete sentences in paragraph form.

Use headings for each section.

start with an Introduction
include a history of the company including information about the founders with a brief biography;
structure of the company (e.g. number of employees, unionized? organization chart, etc.);
management and/or leadership style;
organizational culture;
products and services offered by the company;
is it an international company?;
how successful is the company?;
who are its competitors?;
and any other pertinent information about the company.
end with a conclusion which sums up the main points of your report.
your report should include a Cover Page which includes your name (if doing it in a group, include all the names of the group members, the course code and section and my name and the name of the company you are profiling. 
***Cite all sources according to MLA citation and include a Works Cited page at the end of your report.  Dont forget to use in-text citation when you paraphrase AND when you use direct quotes. All sources cited in-text must be cited on your works cited page.  All sources cited on your works cited page, must be cited in-text also.
Do NOT use Wikipedia as a source.

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