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In Project Two, you will modify your informative presentation to prepare and deliver a persuasive speech. Before delivering your speech, you should create an outline to reflect the new persuasive purpose. You can either revise your informative presentation outline to reflect the persuasive claim, or you can create a new outline from a blank template.

For this discussion, you will submit an outline for your persuasive speech. You will also provide feedback to your peers on their outline submissions.

For your initial post, you must:

Complete your persuasive speech outline using the Speech Outline Template (see attached) and attach it to your post for discussion.
In your post, identify two specific areas you would like peer feedback on. Examples may include:
The use of tone
Quality of points and sub-points
Alignment of certain sections (introduction, body, conclusion) to the identified purpose
Effectiveness of introduction
Effectiveness of conclusion
Appropriate and ethical use of reasoning, evidence, and emotions
Describe what has changed from your informative presentation and explain why you made these changes.
Include all references with proper citations.
In your response to at least two peers, address the following after reviewing their complete outlines and initial posts:

Provide clear, helpful feedback in response to your peers requested topics.
Describe at least one element of your peers outline that is done very well, and explain why you feel it is well done.
Be sure to directly reference methods and best practices as discussed in the module resources when offering peer feedback.
Be sure to review and incorporate feedback from your peers and your instructor into your final project where appropriate.

To complete this assignment, review the Speech Outline Discussion Rubric.

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