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Before you discuss the case, briefly discuss under what conditions are quantitative tools useful in analyzing data? Qualitative tools? Should you use both combined and why? What are the key issues/problems the OD practitioner has to be aware of while collecting and providing feedback on the data? Explain what an intervention is and how it fits into the organizational development process.  How does data collection fit into the intervention process? Now, discuss the case in detail, providing a comprehensive discussion of the issues, a detailed swot analysis, responses to the questions in the case, and your recommendation for improvement. Your recommendation for improvement should include an intervention implementation discussion. Design the intervention that as if you are managing people through a change process. Make sure your intervention goes into detail – include data collection, methodology, diagnosing, evaluation, and analysis. This is a new intervention – not something you have experienced. In your recommendations, you may make multiple intervention recommendations, but only one has to be in detail. I will expect your ability to improve intervention designs to improve throughout the semester.

Quantitative tools are useful in

Quantitative tools are used in

The key objective an OD practitioner has when providing feedback .

Interventions are a ..

The Peppercorn Dining case reveals

SWOT Analysis:

Case Questions:

How effective was the OD consultants data gathering? The content of the Data? The process of how the data were collected?
What concepts or models might help you analyze the data? What conclusions would you draw from the analysis?
How should the feedback session be designed?

Peppercorns management should initiate a change project that… 


Data collection would consist of .

Methodology would consist of

Diagnosing would be centered on .

Evaluation can take place ..

Analysis would determine if .

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