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Create one Word documents containing all parts of the assignment.

Format your document with one-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font.

One page, double-spaced for each part. 

Instructions: Part 1:    Special Compliance Project

1.  Read the following scenario:

As a new GMU graduate, you have been hired as special projects associate at Arlington Orthopedics.
The administrator says to you…”There is a total lack of awareness of quality, safety, and risk management, and compliance by our employees.  I want you to make a presentation to the entire staff (40 employees) at their monthly meeting on Friday.

2. Define what an organization with a strong culture of compliance safety, and risk management looks like.” Answer the following questions:

In other words, how would you know you have accomplished a strong safety  and risk management culture?
Why does a compliance plan need to be written?
What major issues/laws/regulations should the corporate compliance plan address?

Instructions: Part 2

1. Research a healthcare organization from the news  (other than in provided attachments) which had a HIPAA violation. Answer the following question:

What was the date, circumstances of the violation, and accessed penalties? 

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