Any topic (writer’s choice)

You need a literature review summarizing the main arguments/findings in your area. You need 10 academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. Make sure your sources are all recent and come from journal articles( no newspapers, reviews, opinion pieces).

You also need a formatted separate bibliography. You can use any format(APA, ASA, Chicago etc, as long as you use it consistently).

In your lit review, start with an intro paragraph and say what the common themes are/how you are organizing your lit review. You can use sub-headings. you need to use signposting to guide your readers through the process.

Under each theme, discuss all the findings. Put articles in dialogue with each other. Please don’t summarize each article- no titles, no journal names throughout. Each source needs to be used- either through direct quotes or through paraphrases.

At the end, you need an evaluation paragraph. What did you find? What were the pros/cons? What was missing? How does your research fit in?

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