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“From your personal experience, give an example of a situation you have faced that would require one of the six elements of moral judgment. Which of these six elements are most important and why?”

Here is the student reply
“In today’s world, tolerance of moral disagreement and ambiguity, has taken center stage.  With the ongoing pandemic, some people are against being forced to wear masks and any type of change while others support mask mandates and other restrictions imposed on businesses. In extreme situations like the pandemic it’s especially hard for everyone to find common ground but in the end, just like in business, we need to be able to work together to solve the problems we’ve been faced with.

The most important of the six elements has to be a sense of moral obligation.  If someone does not have that sense they will have no reason to consider the other elements.  The other 5 elements require a sense of moral obligation in order for them to have meaning and without the foundation of moral judgement it would not be possible to grow and branch out to the other elements.”

Do you agree or disagree with the student post?

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