Any topic (writer’s choice)


1.        This assignment is to be completed in a group of 3 to 4 students.

2.        Using any search engine, find a multinational company that operates in foreign countries (you can choose one geographical location, Example: McDonalds operating in Russia, Nike operating in India), and study the following areas:

Introduction about the company and its mission (What is the business of this company?)
How does globalization affect this company?
Who are the companys main competitors, locally and internationally?
The Cultural Environments facing/challenging this company
The Economic Environments facing/challenging this company (include the countrys economic system and its economic classification)
Marketing used by this company internationally (Did the company change/alter their products to meet the needs of the foreign market)

Write a paper containing the following:
– Title page (contains the group members names, the companys name and logo)
– Body contains the areas mentioned above
– References (if any)

Use Times New Roman, 12-pointfont, double space.


Your presentation should include all the points mentioned above.
Presentations should be around 5 minutes

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