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Final Written Assignment The final project for the class involves an oral presentation and a short, well-researched essay on a relevant topic of your choice. The class project is meant to help you to explore romantic music, composers, and ideas across different media, and to think critically about music as a distinctive type of medium/media, capable of being adapted, repurposed, remediated, and integrated with other media and new technologies. As we routinely discuss in class, music has always posed a serious challenge to media theorists because of its peculiar condition as a performing art that focuses on the aural rather than the visual aspects of art and aesthetic experience.

With this challenge in mind, your class project should help you reflect on the following basic questions: 1.  What kind of media is music?2.  What constitutes musical media?3.  In what ways is music transformed when mixed with other media and newtechnologies?

Guidelines Pick a romantic work or composer that interests you and find at least two examples of their use and adaptation in different media (opera, radio, film, television, videogames, etc.). The examples you chose will be your case studies that will allow you to explore how the work or composer of your choice has been adapted, represented, transformerd and/or repurposed in pop culture and mass media in the context of modern society. 

The essay should be five to eight pages long, and submitted online as a Word document, font Times New Roman size 12, double-spaced, standard Word margins. Also make sure to include a bibliography at the end of your essay, detailing any print, audiovisual, and digital sources consulted in writing the paper.

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