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Research Paper 1: Select a publicly traded company of your choice (one you work for, would like to work for, or are just generally interested in, but NOT Roku, Inc.). Submit a two-page double spaced paper summarizing the nature and performance of that company.  Use information from the most recent 10K Report.  Briefly discuss the nature of the company including history, main lines of business, financial performance overview and ratios (revenue growth, profit margins, current ratios), controls, risks, and ethics issues. Is the information included in the Annual Report useful for managers and investors?  Would you recommend investing in the company? Why or why not?

You will be graded on Format, Content, Organization of Response, Syntax and Semantics.  Acceptable number of pages for weekly research assignments range between one and a half to two double-spaced pages; no smaller than 11pt. or larger than 12 pt. serif font such as Cambria or Times/Times New Roman, normal margins. Concise written communication is very important in business (three pages is too long and will not be read by the instructor) depending on the content not including cover and reference pages.All papers must conform to APA writing style and include a reference list (not a works cited or bibliography).

attached are the first four chapters learned in pdf format! please use them for information but please remember to cite. outside sources are welcome in addition.

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