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Working bibliography:

This works cited page should be in correct MLA format and should include a minimum of 8 of the 10 required scholarly sources that you plan to use for the research paper. 

Remember these points as you put together this working bibliography:

1. it must use only scholarly sources,
2.  it must use a variety of source types/medium e.g. not all online, not all books, etc.),
3.  it must have no more than two from any single source or website (i.e. a collection like our textbook, or series like Opposing Viewpoints or Taking Sides),
4.  it must use correct MLA format, including complete information, punctuation, and full  URL and date accessed.
5.  it is ok if you havent completely read all of the sources, but you should have skimmed all and read some.  They should be plausible sources that you could use. 

I will use this working bibliography in conjunction with your one-page proposal to get an idea of what you plan to argue and how you plan to prove that argument.  Keep in mind that this is one of the prewriting activities that is designed to help you get ready to write that research paper draft.  Each step in this process serves a purpose, so I hope that you can see the benefit of these steps.

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