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Read the following chapters, (On Preparation and Delivery of Sermons) :
    Ch.1, Christian Preaching
    Ch.2, Homiletics
    Ch.3, The Preacher
    Ch.4, Gods Message

1)    Write a reflection paper, 1-3 pages, on Ch.1, Christian Preaching.  Focus on the following:  Nature of preaching, Central place of preaching, competition to preaching, and necessity for effective preaching.
2)    Write a reflection paper, 1-3 pages on Ch.2, Homiletics. Focus on the following:  Development of homiletics, Study of homiletics.
3)    Write a reflection paper, 1-3 pages on Ch. 3, The Preacher.  Focus on the following:  Sense of divine call, Vital Christian experience, continuation of learning, development of natural gifts, maintenance of physical health, and complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit

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