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Please complete ALL THREE of the Professional Development exercises.

    Reflect on the following statement, In a way, all of us are already informatics nurses. Describe a scenario from your clinical experience where you manipulated data, information, and knowledge to make a wise decision. Focus specifically on the key concepts of data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. 
    What do you believe are the advantages and disadvantages of having a single shared consensus-driven model of the terminology used? How can a single agreed model of terminology use (with linkages to a single terminology) help to integrate knowledge into routine clinical practice?
    Hospital C is looking to implement an EHR. It has been suggested that a NIS be hired. This position does not involve direct patient care and the administration is struggling with how to justify the position. How can this position be justified?

Please submit one APA formatted paper between 1000 – 1500 words, not including the title and reference page. The assignment should have a minimum of two scholarly sources

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